Sauce Campagnarde Saveurs du Sud Saveur Exquisite combinaison paraite
Perfect combination.

Sophisticated and exquisite flavor.

Can be accompanied very well with sausages, meats, fish, and chicken.

The numbers speak for themselves!

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Country Style Sauce

A refined sauce with 5 peppers, combining exquisite flavors and a unique smoky taste. Perfect to accompany sausages, meats, fish, chicken, and pork.

Sauce Campagnarde Saveurs du Sud


Authentic in taste, texture, and color, this sauce awakens the taste buds on pasta, pizza, hamburgers, salmon marinades, etc.

Sauce Traditionnelle 150ml


An entrancing smoky flavor thanks to the chipotle, this versatile sauce elevates meats, poultry, fish, spicy dips, and saucy dishes.

Sauce Chipotle 150ml

Habanero Mango

Enjoy our habanero-mango hot sauce, an irresistible combination of spiciness and sweet fruitiness for a memorable taste experience.

Sauce Piquant Habanero Mango

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