Chipotle Sauce


Its smoky taste will captivate your taste buds. It is a very flavorful sauce thanks to chipotle, which is a dried and smoked preparation of jalapeño pepper. It is a sauce that can be used to cook meat, chicken, fish or pork. Mixing it with mayonnaise can create spicy dips, while adding it to tomato sauce can enhance your meals. It can also be added directly to your hamburger, pasta dishes, and more.

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The smoky taste of our Chipotle Sauce will seduce your taste buds and take you on a unique gustatory experience. The presence of chipotle, a dried and smoked jalapeño pepper, gives the sauce a deep flavor and a smoky dimension that make it irresistible.

Sauce Chipotle is ideal for cooking a variety of proteins, including meat, chicken, fish, and pork. Whether you use it as a marinade for your ingredients before cooking or as a coating during cooking, it will add a spicy and smoky touch that will enhance the natural flavors of your dishes.

Mixing the Chipotle Sauce with mayonnaise creates spicy dips, perfect for dipping crunchy vegetables, fries, nachos or chicken wings. The combination of the creaminess of mayonnaise and the smoky heat of the sauce creates a delicious flavor experience.

By adding the Chipotle Sauce to a tomato sauce, you can enhance your pasta dishes, lasagnas, pizzas or gratins. The smoky flavor of chipotle will bring a unique depth of taste that will transform your traditional recipes into even more delicious dishes.

You can also use it directly in your hamburger, on pasta, or in a multitude of other dishes to add a spicy and smoky touch. A few drops are enough to transform your meals into an unforgettable culinary experience.

In summary, Chipotle Sauce is a real asset for fans of spicy and smoky flavors. It can be used in different ways to enhance your favorite dishes, whether in cooking or as a condiment on the table. Let yourself be captivated by its enchanting flavors and unleash your culinary creativity.

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